Flaring problem

In 2011, the World Bank estimated 5.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (25% of total U.S. consumption) is flared annually.
Today the numbers are breaking all records. The flaring problem is bigger than most people realize.
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Gas Flaring Problem on the Map

SkyTruth Global Flaring Map is a visualisation heatmap tool of nightly, infrared satellite detections of natural gas flaring across the entire planet. It is updated nightly. This map demonstrates the tremendous amount of natural gas flaring around the world.
Instead of flaring wasted associated gas can be harnessed by gas engine generator to produce electricity, then the electricity is used to power mobile data center on the well pad without distributing energy to the grid. Our solution is self contained EZ Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System.


Complete flaring elimination at locations with minimum of 350 MCF flared a day. No CO2 emissions caused by flaring where EZ Smartgrid System is deployed.
Meet rapidly growing regulation and tightening environmental guidelines without interruptions of the operation by reducing harmful emissions.
Zero upfront cost to producers. Additional royalties to landowners by bringing flared gas to market on site without building physical pipeline infrastructure.

EZ Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System

EZ Blockchain developed a mobile flaring mitigation system available to be deployed right on the oil pads to reduce flaring, called EZ Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System (FMS).

It is a unique solution for existing wasted energy problem in oil fields. It consists of mobile gas engine generator which converts wasted, flared gas into electricity which is immediately used onsite to power mobile data center, EZ Smartbox.

This unique system does not require connection to the grid, all electricity produced is used onsite.
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What is the footprint of EZ Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System?
Our EZ Smartgrid Flaring mitigation System consists of two parts, gas electric generator packaged in a 40 foot container on the trailer and EZ Smartbox 1000 mobile data center with similar measurements of 40 foot container.
Is EZ Smartgrid Flaring mitigation System can be easily relocated?
Our gas electric generator and mobile data centers operate on the trailers and can be relocated within a day to another location.
What is the minimum amount of flared gas can be utilized with the solution?
The most economic viable minimum supply of flared gas must be around 300 MCF/day which will produce around 1.5 MWs of consistent electricity supply for mobile data center operation. EZ Samrtgrid Flaring Mitigation System can be scalable depending on the land availability, gas supply, gas availability and composition. EZ Blockchain can install multiple systems to be able to eliminate over 10 MMCF/day of flared gas.
What is the gas composition the solution can operate on? Can it work on rich gas?
EZ Smart Grid Flaring Mitigation System can operate with gas BTU ranging 750-2000 BTU/Ft3. We can operate both on lean and rich gas.
Is NGL recovery required for the gas to be utilized by EZ Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System?
We can operate both with and without NGL recovery.
What is the minimum longevity of flared gas supply at the well site?
At EZ Blockchain we understand that associated gas supply varies that is why we made our solution mobile so we could move to another well site to accommodate pro users needs. The preferred minimum length of operation is 6 months .
What is required from Producer to start using EZ SmartGrid system needs available flat or leveled terrain for two 40’ Trailers and access to gas/fuel supply?
We cover all expenses related to connection and deployment.
How long it takes to deploy EZ SmartGrid solution?
Typicality after Trailers arrived onsite and gained access to gas/fuel supply full deployment 1-2 days.
Access required for service and maintenance?
Service intervals for generator set is every 2000 hours or 3 months. It’s done by OEM authorized service provider.Smartbox mobile data centers are designed and built to be remotely operated and don’t require any tech personnel onsite full-time. Maintenance intervals are arranged according to producer schedule.
What are the emissions and noise levels of EZ Smartrid FMS?
We use Jenbacher produced GenSets with very low emissions NOx < 500 ng/Nm3.The generators are packaged in heat and noise insulated containers suitable for urban installation with sound level 65 dB(A).
What type of gas generators is used in Smartgrid FMS?
Our OEM of gas generators is INNIO’s Jenbacher, one of the best world producers of GenSets for “Island Operations” capable of using wide range of APG composition as a fuel.