EZ Blockchain designed and developed advanced portable modular data center called EZ SmartBox. EZ SmartBoxes are scalable plug and play units which can be deployed anywhere at the source of electricity around the world. Our fully customized EZ Smartbox has electrical, cooling, monitoring software infrastructure integrated and it is ISO 9001 certified.

Keep Up with your Business Needs

With capabilities similar to traditional data centers, each Mobile Mining Unit is designed with efficiency and low operating costs in mind, so you will be crypto mining within days rather than months or years. EZ installation process requires a flat, solid surface such as asphalt or concrete pad. All you need is electrical professional to connect power cables to your EZ SmartBox.


EZ Smartbox is a robust unit which can work with any electricity, be it on grid or off grid and it will operate with various internet connection such as fiber, cable or satellite internet.


EZ Smartbox HVAC technology processes 42,377ft³ of air every hour to keep constant air flow and maintain consistent operating temperatures, with outside temps can be -40F to +125F.


Multiple EZ Smartbox dimensions are standard size load. EZ to transport by sea or land. Take advantage of energy market opportunities worldwide.

Best ROI/Reduced Risk

With our leasing or financing options for EZ Smartbox of your choice, you get to start your operation with minimum initial investments.

EZ Smartbox

Sectional design of mobile mining unit allows us to accommodate your investment in mining operation. We call it EZ SmartBox, ez and smart infrastructure for your mining needs. Read more