EZ Blockchain designs, builds and manages physical infrastructure for Proof of Work blockchains.

Based in Chicago, in the heat of Midwest, we provide the access to the services that open the gates to maximum scaling and performance of crypto mining operations.

We believe that it can and must be EZ for each and everyone to be able to contribute to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. That is why we, at EZ blockchain provide a wide range of services:

• Education about cryptocurrency mining and blockchain for people who are willing to learn

• Computer hardware distribution for people who are willing to engage in mining

• Colocation services for clients with larger needs

• Manufacturing, deployment and operation of mobile mining untis, pre fabricated mobile data centers for experienced investors

Proof of Work blockchains are the only truly decentralized networks To keep them this way, more people have to be engaged in mining all around the world.

Crypto mining is a diversification for the investors who have seen the staggering growth of virtual currencies. It’s the opportunity for people who believe in Bitcoin core values, and other cryptocurrencies to become a part of our collective vision: mass acceptance in the next generation of system innovation.

We invite you to browse our website for everything from individual hardware components to fully-assembled and custom-built mining rigs for every type of mining operation.

EZ Blockchain LLC